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We are the lifeline for the lifespan of your goal’s entirety.  We offer all aspects of coaching at the highest level. We will equip tailored nutrition and training protocols, support your daily planning through simplification, and direct your pursuit of knowledge as you lean upon a credible source.  Our foundations are heartfelt for those we service.  We desire to be your all in one formula to mentor your ambition with quality people, processes, and products.

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The C620 Nutrition Foundation

You’re here for a reason, and we are here because above all else we love people – out of that love we strive to deliver world class service and world class products. We combine the passion one has for betterment of their physique with internal self-betterment through our processes. We believe in maximizing the potential for both the mind and body to cultivate a culture focused on achievement.

C620 Nutrition has the spirit to innovate while leaving a positive long-lasting impact on those we are privileged to service. We understand that the process of reaching your desired goals whether it is to step on stage, or if you may have external motivations beyond that, will be challenging in many aspects of your life. We choose to do the work that is necessary to safely and effectively guide you along the way while supporting the factors which revolve around your unique experience. We encourage you to take the opportunity to become part of both our team and our dream!

Brian Melancon
CEO and Owner of C620Nutrition LLC.

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