Comprehensive Contest Prep Coaching

Comprehensive Contest Prep Coaching for physique competitors. Including but not limited to bodybuilding, figure, bikini, men and women's physique, and powerlifting. Coaching for non competitors looking for enhanced quality of life is also available through out Better Life branch. 

 (Picture : Year One/ Circa 2012:  First two clients under C620)

(Picture : Year One/ Circa 2012:  First two clients under C620)

WHO We Are & What we do


C620Nutrition is the gold standard in nutrition, training and your premiere one stop shop.

We are committed to not just getting you results, but in helping you  attain goals that previously may have felt out of reach. Our commitment to research, best practices, and client safety in all facets of our coaching is our day in and day out passion. Our renowned reputation continues to be one of excellence as we forge our Team of C620 athletes from all walks of life. Whether you are dedicated to hitting new heights of peak performance on stage, or this is your first venture in competing, our individualized programs maximize your time and energy for ultimate results. 

Dieting to step on a bodybuilding or fitness stage is one of the most difficult things you can do physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. C620 is here to bring athletes into peak conditioning as healthy as possible, which means no starvation dieting, drastic cutting of water during peak weak, no mineral depleting or harmful diuretics. If you are serious about your sport and your health, welcome to the team. #TEAMC620! 

Our packages are designed to meet you where you’re at in your fitness journey. From strictly nutrition coaching to all-encompassing training programs, we have the tools to help you reach and sustain your results! 

C620Nutrition Services

Competitor and Non Competitor

Nutrition Packages:


·      Individually tailored nutrition plan to maximize your offseason/ improvement season

  • Weekly Updates -Monitor Progress and Apply Needed Adjustments.

·      Supplementation recommendations

·      Cardio recommendations

Training Packages:


·      12 Week Science Based Training Blocks-  Based on your goals and current fitness level.

Nutrition & Training



  • Comprehensive and Custom Nutrition Programning  
  • Custom Science and Evidence Based Training Blocks - Both Mesocyles and Microcyles
  • Unlimited email access to Coach Brian
  • Access to the exclusive C620 Team Page that includes fellow competitor motivation, training tips, exclusive team discounts on gear and events.
  • Weekly motivational newsletter and updates on C620
  • Sign On Bonus C620Nutrition Apparel

Comprehensive Contest Prep Coaching


Nutrition and Training Combination Packages are the Most Frequently Purchased. Optimal Results
*Pricing and Information- See Contact Page*

*Bodybuilding (Men and Women) / Classic Physique/ Figure/ Bikini/ Physique (Men’s and Women’s)

Includes a detailed plan with nutrition, supplement, training ( if purchased) ,  and cardio recommendations. Also covers unlimited email access for questions regarding the plan and weekly updates to optimize the effectiveness of the pre-contest strategy. For the final week you receive a detailed no guess work peak week plan and *phone access for peak week*.