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Contest Prep & Improvement Season

C620Nutrition is the gold standard in nutrition, training and your premiere one stop shop. Our packages are designed to meet you where you’re at in your fitness journey. From strictly nutrition coaching to all-encompassing training programs, we have the tools and resources to help you surpass your previous best and attain C620 Certified Conditioning!

We are committed to not just getting you results, but in helping you attain goals that previously may have felt out of reach. Our commitment to research, best practices, and client safety in all facets of our coaching is our day in and day out passion. Our renowned reputation continues to be one of excellence as we forge our Team of C620 athletes from all walks of life. Whether you are dedicated to hitting new heights of peak performance on stage, or this is your first venture in competing, our individualized programs maximize your time and energy for ultimate results.

Dieting to step on a bodybuilding or fitness stage is one of the most difficult things you can do physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
C620 is here to bring athletes into peak conditioning, and that means knowing how to get the most out of clients and showing them how far one can really push and suffer to make dreams a reality. We have an application process due to the volume of request we receive for coaching. It is very important that we are a good fit as Coach Brian demands excellence. Do not attempt contest prep half hearted as it will test you on all levels. If you are not scared of hard work and you are ready to commit to a lifestyle of excellence and personal breakthrough, Welcome to TeamC620!

Nutrition Only Package

Unlimited Access to Coach B with weekly updates and progress pictures to assess physique/progress.

Individually tailored nutrition plan to maximize your Improvement Season and Contest Prep

Cardio and Sports Supplementation recommendations for optimizing muscle growth and fat loss for Improvement Season and Contest Prep

No guess work Peak Week programming that will eliminate stress and lead you into presenting your best package to date.

Custom Training Programs

Intense Programs designed to correct imbalances, grow new muscle, increase performance and mental fortitude/ pain tolerance AKA = Maximize your progress and teach you how to truly train hard and proper.

Custom Exercise Selection based on individual biomechanics and symmetry. (and the equipment your gym has available.) *Mesocycles (training blocks) will be retooled based on feedback.

When training and nutrition programs are purchased together – they are designed simultaneously to complement each other for optimal results.

Training Blocks range from 4-12 Weeks.


Changing The Game

And Impacting The World.

Contest Prep
Take your show performance to elite levels with our coaching
Improve your weightlifting performance and outcomes
Better Life
The C620 division designed for total body improvement