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The Better Life Division

The Better Life Division was born out of necessity. Countless inquires for C620 Coaching, but without the desire to step on stage, simply the desire to improve their quality of life under the guidance of trusted and proven coaching. All clients we service deserve the opportunity to achieve and celebrate true success. Our Better Life Division adheres to an approach for those on a path of lifestyle renovation with efficient and gratifying techniques. Our primary intent for this branch of our operations is to take a holistic approach in program design to create a SUSTAINABLE plan and LASTING results, because the best plan is the one you can stick to. Our tutelage will offer total satisfaction in all areas of life through the nutrition, training, and champion mindset we minster to suit your uniqueness.

We are committed to not just getting you results, but in helping you strive and attain goals that previously may have felt out of reach. Our commitment to research, best practices, and client safety in all facets of our coaching is our day in and day out passion. Our renowned reputation continues to be one of excellence as we forge our Fit- Family from all walks of life. Whether this is your first time in the gym or you are a veteran to this lifestyle, our individualized programs maximize your time and energy for ultimate results.

What to Expect:
• Education through sound nutrition counseling
• Empowerment through high level of contact and weekly accountability
• Custom programs designed for you.

We are excited to hear about your goals and how we can help you achieve them!

Nutrition + Training Package

Includes all aspects of primary NUTRITION & TRAINING PACKAGE

Allows for Maximal Results a we take the guess work out of EVERYTHING

Unlimited email access to your coach

Access to the exclusive C620 Better Life Facebook Page that includes fellow members, motivation, training tips, exclusive team discounts on gear and events

Motivational newsletters, educational webinars, training videos, and updates on C620

Nutrition Only Package

Individually tailored nutrition plan to maximize your progress, sense of well being and confidence

We use foods that you enjoy in programing to create sustainability and to show you that earning the body of your dreams can be done with food that taste great!

Supplementation recommendations to promote digestion and systemic health

When training and nutrition programs are purchased together – they are designed simultaneously to complement each other for optimal results.

Cardio recommendations that fit into your schedule and coincide with your diet and training program.

Training Only Package

Training programs will be designed to enhance your progress and break those plateaus that have limited you for far too long

Custom Exercise Selection is based on individual biomechanics (how you move), form, weaknesses/strengths, timeline and goals

Training will be retooled based on feedback and progression

New training will be designed for you upon completion of each training cycle. Length of cycle will vary based on your coaches design and plan for you


Changing The Game

And Impacting The World.

Contest Prep
Take your show performance to elite levels with our coaching
Improve your weightlifting performance and outcomes
Better Life
The C620 division designed for total body improvement