Comprehensive Contest Prep Coaching

Comprehensive Contest Prep Coaching for physique competitors. Including but not limited to bodybuilding, figure, bikini, men and women's physique, and powerlifting. Coaching for non competitors looking for enhanced quality of life is also available through out Better Life branch. 



C620Nutrition has become a nationally recognized name in the fitness industry over the past 5 years, with outstanding work in both the amateur and professional circuit. The time Has come to expand the tent pegs again with the addition of an elite powerlifting coach.  

C620Nutrition proudly announces Jeff Cotter to the team!!!!

Jeff is an elite powerlifter in the 275 class with records in the Jr Raw Division that are still unbroken to this day        (875 Squat record holder). 

Jeff is Now taking His knowledge and experience to athletes of all skill and experience levels that have the desire to get stronger and improve their personal PRs and performance.

Jeff will be taking on novice clients as well as current elite level powerlifters.

Our heart at C620 is to provide you with elite coaching and customer service, and to do life with you as we all advance and progress in this journey of fitness. 

Recent Accomplishments 

2015 SPF Proving Grounds Championship- 1st place Mens 275lb JR Division (1915 Total)  

2015 GPC/SPF World Championships- 1st place Mens 275lb JR Division

2015 GPC/SPF World Championships- Best Overall Lifter   

2016 SPF WLR Championship- 1st Place Mens 275lb JR Division (2070 Total) - Best Overall Lifter

2016 Earned admission to Pro Raw 9 invite only at the Arnold Classic in Melbourne, Austraiia