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The Perfect Stack – Elite Training + Recovery Supplements

C620 Nutrition supplements are designed from their inception to focus on holistically enhancing the complete training experience. Throughout the product formulation process, our goal was to include each ingredient that our professional training team recommends to the C620 family of elite athletes. As these athletes compete at the highest echelon of their given sport, we made the commitment to innovate, manufacture, and deliver the best supplements on the market. Today, we invite you to propel your training and recovery process by leveraging our C620 Nutrition enhanced supplement product line.


When we realized creating our own supplements was the next step forward in investing in those that were investing in us, we began the formulation process in September 2017. Working closely with Pennington Biomedical renowned scientist, Dr. Eric Knott, C620 Nutrition owner and lead trainer Brian Melancon navigated the innovation process and birthed a 100% bio / no-waste training product supplment line – the “perfect stack” for elite training recovery. Today, Dr. Knott continues to serve as C620’s Chief Science Officer.

One Year Later – We’re Ready to Change the Industry

While our industry offers supplement options ranging from “scammers” to valued competitor’s complementing product lines that we still recommend (those products we don’t offer), we believe C620 Nutrition carries an inherit advantage – we’re athletes, trainers, and we’re committed to our investment in the entire athlete growth process. Our heart is to redefine the standard of excellence in the industry and lead the charge by delivering quality products. We’re committed to adding value to one’s life, providing a genuine sense of community, and building the long-standing relationship with our athlete.

Synergy + Timing = Results

Our fitness culture has the capacity to be the most compassionate group of professionals; however, we must move past our narcissistic tendencies and discover who we are and who we are meant to be. At C620 Nutrition, we want to encourage you to meet us at the crossroads and begin this journey with us. Your life is valuable and there are no mistakes with God. Only you can carry out your assignment and impact the world the way you were meant to do. Let’s link arms and change the world together – it starts with elite products that shatter every paradigm of traditional training supplements.


C620 Nutrition Training Supplements

PRE | Pump + Focus + Power

$ 44.99 30 Servings Per Bottle

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The pre-workout market has taken a turn for the worse over the past few years. It has become a rat race to see who produces the strongest stimulant with the largest profit margin instead of who makes the best product to assist in growing muscle. The industry has long been designing products for addiction and sales rather than efficacy.

Our mission with PRE was to create a product that actually assists in growing new tissue and improving strength and focus while amplifying that skin tearing euphoric pump, which is a vital part of hypertrophy and hyperplasia. (an increase in the amount of organic tissue that results from cell proliferation)

PRE is the ultimate pump and focus pre workout supplement on the market, especially when STACKED with INTRA and AMINO. PRE was designed to prime your body with everything it needs to make your training session phenomenal. When PRE is combined with INTRA, your training sessions go to the next level. INTRA has its own blend of active pump ingredients to allow a steady influx of nutrients for the most intense pump, focus, and endurance from START TO FINISH. What your muscles absorb during training is just as important as what they see before and after training.

For your pump, the ingredient profile speaks for itself. PRE contains 5000mg Citrulline Malate (and INTRA has an additional 2000mg L-Citrulline per serving), 4000mg HydroMax (INTRA has 2000 additional mg), 3000mg Creatine, 2000mg Taurine, 1500mg Beatine Anhydrous, 500mg Agmatine Sulfate, 500mg Beet Root Extract, and much more! (See full label in the pictures below) And, that’s not even talking about the focus and fat oxidation agents! PRE is complete. It is designed to make you a better athlete and wean you off insanely high stim pre-workouts that are hindering your training, and ultimately, your progress.

C620 only succeeds when you are at your BEST. It’s time you choose to level up.



INTRA | Fuel + Endurance + Pump

$ 59.99 30 Servings Per Bottle ( 5 more servings per bottle than leading competitor )

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A simple carb powder is not good enough to bear the C620 Logo. Would a fancy label and table sugar create much larger profit margins? Absolutely. Would we be proud of it? Not a chance! When we designed the INTRA Training Carb Formula, we designed it to be used with the rest of the stack, however, we also knew there would be plenty of athletes that would use it as a stand-alone product. That’s why we decided to not make this simply be a carbohydrate product. Rather, INTRA is cluster dextrin which includes glucose disposal agents, pump products, and vasodilators. Also, our endurance blend, PEAK 02, has been clinically proven to increase endurance up to 17%. Yes, you get the purest highly branched cyclic dextrin on the market, and you also get the whole 9 yards to facilitate training sessions you can be proud of. We all know that Bodybuilding and reshaping your image is a game of inches, so let INTRA be the last carb product you ever require. Time and Effort are the great equalizers – You have the time, and we will partner with you on the effort!



AMINOS | Complete EAA Formula + BCAA/ PEAK 02

$ 38.99 30 Servings Per Bottle

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A truly complete amino acid formula properly assisting in protein synthesis and aiding in the battle against protein breakdown and training fatigue. New research is conclusive that the supplement industry has been behind the 8 ball in terms of what needs to be in an amino acid product. We believe BCAAs have their place in your supplement regiment, especially as Leucine is the amino acid responsible for triggering muscle protein synthesis (building new tissue). However, looking at BCAAs will only give you half of the picture. You cannot create an anabolic state with BCAAs alone. Your body requires essential amino acids to form complete proteins that repair and rebuild tissue. This formula was created to trigger muscle protein synthesis and deliver complete branch chains with essential aminos to the muscles QUICKLY during training as muscle is breaking down. In this formula, we have also included a serving of PEAK 02 which is clinically proven to increase endurance up to 17% in users. AMINO’s ultimate recovery and endurance formula coupled with the INTRA Carb and Pump Formula creates the perfect storm of absolutely everything your body needs to push through grueling training sessions without wasting time in the gym. We have covered our bases in designing this synergistic line of products. You may rest soundly in knowing you have invested in your quality of life with a company that puts excellence and integrity at the forefront of everything they do.




$ 34.99 30 Servings Per Bottle

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They say no rest for the weary, but we say come all who are weary. Sleep aid is a unique product that is focused around GABA and GABA precursors. We designed a product that uses potent antioxidant melatonin to facilitate rest and optimize circadian rhythm. To add to the melatonin base, we used a unique blend of GABA and other amino acids to calm neurotransmitters upon taking, and, during your sleep cycle. Deep sleep and true rest is vital for: living your best life, burning fat, and building muscle. Sleep is where your body heals and restores itself at an accelerated rate. Without true rest you will feel one step behind and tend to compensate with stimulants. We want you rested and in deep REM sleep having dreams that give you visions for a brighter tomorrow..



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