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What is the “Better Life Division” of C620Nutrition


My name is Gretchen Quast and I am the coach of the Better Life branch of C620Nutrition LLC. I wanted to write a short post to address what is the Better Life branch of C620Nutrition is really about.

The simple answer… The Better Life Division is a unique approach to fitness for the everyday working man and woman. C620Nutrition was started by Brian Melancon in 2012 and was exclusive to contest prep and athletic performance.  Due to the rising demand for nutrition and training services and seeing the need to give everyone the individualized C620 experience and results – he developed the Better Life.

The Better Life is a confidence building and life enhancement program. This is accomplished through fitness and nutrition coaching. Fitness is a great catalyst to many blessings in life. One of the greatest aspects of setting and achieving fitness goals (aside from the obvious physical transformation) is the internal transformation that takes place. What starts out as the desire to “get fit” grows as the individual walks down his or her own fitness journey. Over time, not only are goals met – but confidence is built. It’s the kind of confidence that reaches well past the gym and touches nearly every area of life! I absolutely love the “fitness journey” for this reason alone!

The Better Life is a results based program. The obvious goal of every fitness journey is to get the desired results. Achieving results does require some level of sacrifice, and we do not “candy coat” the work/process that is required of our clients. However, if the client is willing to go on that journey with us, if they are willing to make the choices needed day in and day out; goals will be met & result will be achieved!

(And all the hard work poured into this process makes these results exceptionally rewarding!)

Ultimately, it’s all about making this a lifestyle! Confidence has been built… check! Goals have been met…. Check! Now – its time to work with each client and discuss how to hold onto their results while enjoying life a bit more. The long-term lifestyle portion of this fitness journey  is the most important part. It does not do any good to meet goals if you don’t know how to maintain those goals. I place great emphasis in helping my clients develop a workable plan so they know how to continue their fitness journey and how to transition into “maintenance mode”. Some clients have more stringent lifestyle goals then others but regardless – we work together to come up with a realistic plan that enables each client to continue to thrive in life!

It is the goal that as each client finishes their time with us; they have all the tools needed to continue to thrive in their fitness journey for the rest of their life! I want each client to be able to confidently say that after working with C620Nutrition, they lead a BETTER LIFE!

If you are interested and looking to take control of your life, fill out the CONTACT PAGE and we will gladly connect with you to see if we are the right fit for you !

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